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This is a very small version of StarCraft Brood War that can be put in your USB drive so you can take StarCraft wherever you go! You can play on if you use the CD-Key changer to change the CD-Key to your own. A good place to play this would be at school in the computer lab! You can copy Mini StarCraft to all the computers and play on LAN. :)

Download Mini StarCraft Brood War v1.15.2 (88 MB) from Monikon’s site:

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This tool extracts a Starcraft (*.scm) or a BroodWar (*.scx) map from a replay.

StarCraft Replay 2 Map (175 kB, 1161 hits)

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You can use this program to play StarCraft in a window. This program also works for other games.

To use:
1. Extract files to anywhere
2. Select the patch named “Starcraft/Diablo I/Warcraft II”
3. Click “Run…”
4. Select starcraft.exe (C:\Program Files\Starcraft\starcraft.exe)
5. Click Open
6. Have fun! :)

DirectX Windowed Mode Launcher (43 kB, 8848 hits)

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Play StarCraft Brood War without a No-CD Crack!

First download this program called Daemon Tools:
DAEMON Tools Lite (4 MB, 7344 hits)

and download the mini Brood War ISO:
Mini Brood War ISO (7 MB, 14416 hits)

Install Daemon Tools, set 1 or more Virtual CD-ROM drives, and then Mount the Mini Brood War ISO to a virtual drive that you created.

TA-DA! Now you can play Brood War with no CD in your CD-ROM drive because it is in your Virtual drive!

Note: This ISO is not a real Brood War CD, thus it can’t be used to install the game. It is used to trick the game to think that the CD is in the CD-ROM drive.

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You can use this program to change your StarCraft CD-Key without reinstalling.

To change your StarCraft CD key, please close StarCraft and follow these steps:
1. Open the zip file and run SCKeyChanger.exe.
2. Click “Change CD-Key”.
3. Enter your Name and the new CD-key that you wish to use, and click OK.
4. Select the folder where StarCraft is installed on your computer, which most likely would be “C:\Program Files\Starcraft”, and click OK.
5. Done.

StarCraft CD-Key Changer (329 kB, 284012 hits)

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UPDATE: StarCraft: Brood War is now free for everybody. Download the full game directly from; the No-CD crack will no longer be available from this website.

No-CD crack for all versions of StarCraft!

How to use:

Put both install.exe and scload.exe in the StarCraft directory.
(C:\Program Files\StarCraft)

Run scload.exe and it should load StarCraft!


StarCraft won’t load?

Click Start -> Run. Type regedit and press enter.

On the left side, go to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Blizzard Entertainment\Starcraft

On the right side, find StarCD, double click it, and set the value data to a period (.). Now you can play. :)

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