Here’s a Warcraft 3 CD-Key that you might be able to use to play online via If it doesn’t work, just refresh this page to get a different one.

To download a Warcraft 3 CD-Key changer, click here.

Enjoy! :)


  • Lexzaz

    Hi, please send me a working for b-net cdkey for ROC and TFT on

  • Kristopher Lenz

    can some one e-mail me a working warcraft 3 cd code, it taking forever just to find one that works. (

  • Jhanine Cunanan

    send me a cd key roc please or any at

  • Noel Inyu

    Hey, can anyone please give me a Warcraft 3 key?!

  • Noel Inyu

    Hey, can anyone get me a Warcraft FT or 3 key?! Email me :

  • Vivali

    Hello, I need one key for Warcraft III ROC and TFT please,

  • Adel Mohammed

    thanks alot bro!!!! :)

  • Kaspars

    Plz can someone help me to find cd key for roc and tft

    plizz guys

  • Ante Budisa

    I need cd key so i can play but is there a free that is not used? plzz help!

  • rrr

    they wont work

  • Kat Grin

    Thank YOU!!!

  • Vaskos

    Sry guys but it says: Setup was unable to add the following file to InvalidWar3x.mpq:fontfont.ccd

    What should i do?

  • Svetozar Savic
  • Insanegmaer

    may i get a free ROC CD key that works on Bnet? thats all email is

  • ImFeelingSick

    I need a working CD-Key for Warcraft III The Frozen Throne. Please send it to me

  • ..

    This working for me: ENHGHW-WRN7-RZ4TYN-9WVE-CEXP62

  • Justin Pennington

    trying to decide if to trust this cd-key changer or not seems like a scam

  • Terry Hale

    Thanks icyhell!! I bought the Battle Chest at a garage sale for 5 bucks, but could not find a CD key anywhere. Worked great first time! :)

  • Sky

    Anyone working cd key to play
    Email me:

  • theadatt