During game play in Single Player mode, press Enter to get the message box, type the cheat code you want, and press Enter again to activate it.

black sheep wall Reveal Entire Map
breathe deep 500 Vespene Gas
food for thought No Supply Limit
game over man Instant Loss
medieval man All Research Abilities
modify the phase variance Build Anything
noglues Enemy has no Energy for Spells/Abilities
operation cwal Faster Building and Instant Upgrades
ophelia Enable Mission Select (Note: Must be enabled before using the other Mission Select codes)
power overwhelming Invincibility
protoss [mission #] Protoss Mission Select
radio free zerg Plays the secret Zerg theme song (Note: Play as Zerg)
show me the money 10,000 Minerals and Gas
something for nothing Free Upgrades
staying alive Continue Playing After Win
terran [mission #] Terran Mission Select
the gathering Infinite Energy for Spells/Abilities
there is no cow level Instant Win
war aint what it used to be No Fog of War
whats mine is mine 500 Minerals
zerg [mission #] Zerg Mission Select

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Little Gilgi
15 years ago


15 years ago

but, please write or add more cheats….

15 years ago

Haha ^^ nice, is there a section to follow the RSS feed

15 years ago

how do you play as zerg?? and what does it meen?????

14 years ago

ummm i wanted online cheats not the ones on the fuckking boxx..ughhh ppl these days. starcraft aka that(stonr)chic on us east

14 years ago

Wow this is awsome!! Do you think you have any cheat codes for NEW NUCLEAR WEAPONS? and can you make new soldier and buildings? Please, would be awsome!!@$$$$**

14 years ago

every body that thinks the cheats can change the game is a dumbass

14 years ago

WHY AREN’T THERE ANY MORE CHEAT CODES!?!?!?!! on every site that ive been on, these are the same cheat codes. Is this all we have?!?!?!

14 years ago

@Charlie: Yes, this is all that Starcraft ( 1 ) has.

14 years ago

Uh… Just to be nice, I’ll answer how to be zerg;unless you have Warcraft, you just have to go to the mission select, and then click on that creepy alien thing/Click on play custom and select a level( by clicking on it only once) and hold the arrow scroll your mouse down to zerg and let go. Then press okay.

13 years ago

These are the reasons why some players of Starcraft doesn’t succeed with their playing skills.

13 years ago

I found an another cheat code.
It is…

there is no cow level Beat the Whole Game

You guys owe me one

12 years ago
Reply to  Charlie

hmm i like it but there is no cheat like you cheat a hunter killer and other herose

flying4cows ...
11 years ago

thx for the free CD-Keys! and the cheats too

11 years ago


Thank you man for the CD Key and the Cheat Codes Hope you make a Download for StarCraft brood war ^_^

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