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Hey all! I know this website has been pretty much dead for many years now. But I wanted to create a new Discord server for us all to talk and keep in touch. If you’re interested, click the Discord logo below to join the community!

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StarCraft: Remastered had been released to the public earlier today and it costs $14.99 on As a reminder, the legacy StarCraft: Brood War had become free for everybody since patch 1.18 came out in April this year. So if you don’t feel like buying SC:R, you can still play the original SC — which by the way, are multiplayer compatible with each other!

For more information, check out

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StarCraft: Brood War Patch 1.19 was released a few hours ago, and will be the last major patch before Remaster launches.

Features & Improvements

– A account is required to access multiplayer gateways
– Save Legacy Profiles forever by pairing them to a modern Account
– Create or link up to three Profiles per gateway
– Friend’s list now contains whisper and status for friends playing modern Blizzard games
– NumPad+0 stats ordered by player name
– Popular maps display based upon the most played maps in the last 24 hours
– Replays and saved games are cloud saved and accessible upon login

Chat Panels
– Added to all multiplayer screens
– Click the Channel name in the Message Entry box to display the last channels
– Change message target with /1, /2, or /w (player)

Search Games Screen
– Open games automatically update with player information and availability
– Games list auto-refresh has replaced by a refresh button
– Added filters for name, game type, private, acceptable ping, and player count

Observer Mode
– Right click player name to follow their camera
– Right click to follow a unit
– Left click player name to toggle their field of vision
– ‘A’ shows/hides Unit, Economy, and Minimap
– Alt+U or hides/shows Units section
– Alt+E hides/shows Economy section
– Alt+I hides/shows Minimap
– Alt+W hides/shows Button section

– H.O.T.K.E.Y.s have arrived – again
– Added an option to disable custom hotkeys in Create menu
– An expanded version of Options can now be found on the main menu screen

Bug Fixes

– Ending a game in an Observer slot is handled gracefully
– Carriage returns in map details are preserved

Known Bugs

– Asian and Cyrillic characters not supported in Legacy Chat


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StarCraft: Brood War is coming back this summer 2017 in updated 4K resolution!

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Wings of Liberty patch 2.0.4 is coming out in a few days and it will include new features including:

Read the official post on for more detailed information

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An app for Android, called Winulator by Dan Aloni software, is being developed that lets users run Windows EXE/DLL files on ARM devices. So far, this app supports one game: Caesar III. StarCraft: Brood War patch v1.16.1 is currently in working progress and will be the next game to be supported. You can watch a short preview of the developer testing StarCraft on a tablet with full touch controls in the video below.

Winulator beta is available free in the Google Play Store, but note that StarCraft isn’t compatible yet. To support the developer, you can buy the paid version of Winulator.

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TwitchTV is doing a giveaway for 1,000 beta copies of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm! The sweepstakes runs from now until September 24th, and the winners will receive their beta invite in their emails directly from Blizzard on September 28th. If you want to enter to win a key, click here. Good luck!

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Blizzard has released the Heart of the Swarm beta for selected users to play! If you would like to participate, be sure to opt-in for the StarCraft betas in your account. Check out this page for some Q&A from Blizzard.

If you would like to download Heart of the Swarm right now, use the links below!

These links are only for people who want to have the game ready to play on their computers. You do need a account with the HotS beta to be able to log in. Without the HotS in your account, you’ll only be able to see the log in screen.

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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty patch 1.5.0 is now live! This patch features significant user interface changes to, including the addition of the entirely new Arcade game menu, A new streaming launcher, QuickNav, graphical improvements, new Editor modules, and a number of bug fixes.

Be sure to check out the full patch notes to learn all about the latest changes.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty – Patch 1.5.0Show ▼


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Google released an entertaining StarCraft-related easter egg today, for reasons unknown yet. To see it, just go to and search “zerg rush”. Your search results will be attacked by a bunch of “zerglings” which will group up at the end to spell out GG.

Update: There are several sites now saying that a Google spokesperson gave out this quote:

“For n00bs who aren’t as familiar with real-time strategy games, there’s been a zerg rush on your search results page. Because there should always be time to practice your gaming skills, click on the zerg units to defend the results page and try not to get pwned. Then you can share you APM score on Google+. GLHF!”

So apparently you can kill those “zerglings” by clicking on them to get a high score and post on Google+. I read somewhere that this whole thing might have been created to be a promotion for Google+. Anyway, I think it’s pretty cool that Google made something for us StarCraft fans.