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No-CD crack for all versions of StarCraft!

How to use:

Put both install.exe and scload.exe in the StarCraft directory.
(C:\Program Files\StarCraft)

Run scload.exe and it should load StarCraft!


StarCraft won’t load?

Click Start -> Run. Type regedit and press enter.

On the left side, go to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Blizzard Entertainment\Starcraft

On the right side, find StarCD, double click it, and set the value data to a period (.). Now you can play. :)

StarCraft No-CD Crack (90 kB, 126201 hits)

  • Soul Stälker

    Windows 7 (x64): Worked for me after switching to admin rights AND in compatibility with Win98. Otherwise I’d be getting an error telling me I need to get a CD running.
    I’ve got some crazy graphical glitches in the main menu, but other than that, the game works fine! Also, for all of you guys living on Pluto: no, it’s not a virus, but since it’s an app that messes with your executable files, it’s obviously being regarded as if it was.

  • Anrak’thi

    As a general rule of thumb you should always run third-party utilities/launchers and the like in admin mode, once you’ve established it’s not a virus anyways. You shouldn’t need Win98 mode to be enabled though, and I don’t recall doing it for this launcher; if I did enable a compatibility mode, then the farthest back I could have gone was XP. Also for the colours search up “StarCraft registry Windows 7 colour fix”. You should be able to find it relatively easily; you can also kill explorer.exe from the task manager and the ‘shrooms colours will go away (you can start explorer.exe back up again from task manager).