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Play StarCraft Brood War without a No-CD Crack!

First download this program called Daemon Tools:
DAEMON Tools Lite (4 MB, 7006 hits)

and download the mini Brood War ISO:
Mini Brood War ISO (7 MB, 14396 hits)

Install Daemon Tools, set 1 or more Virtual CD-ROM drives, and then Mount the Mini Brood War ISO to a virtual drive that you created.

TA-DA! Now you can play Brood War with no CD in your CD-ROM drive because it is in your Virtual drive!

Note: This ISO is not a real Brood War CD, thus it can’t be used to install the game. It is used to trick the game to think that the CD is in the CD-ROM drive.

  • Ninja

    Anyone get this work? It won’t autorun or anything…

  • MSJ121

    Yes, I got it to work….
    You instal Daemon, then mount the ISO, the broodwar installation (that you had to do with a cd and key, or download) then tricks Broodwar into thinking you have the cd in a drive when its really an image.

  • John

    This helps… but what do i do if i lost my cd and i want to re-install it? i have my original but i can’t find brood war.

  • some guy

    well then get the full brood war iso not mini

  • mac computers are gay

    I tried this on my macbook. couldnt get it to work. you actually dont need daemon tools on mac os x to mount an iso file, the software is already built in. but for some reason i cant get it to work.

  • dronord

    cool, at last all this shtt with nocds is over!

  • wonko the sane

    the install.exe IS in there but (as stated in the desc) not the real one, just put that in the starcraft folder and rename it to broodwar.mpq and it’ll work, just did it since i couldnt find another way :3

  • greenbooster443

    if you want to play with no cd, then download this mini broodwar.mpq that i’ve just ripped from install.exe on broodwar original cd…