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Lomilar from has released a cool new program, Evolution Chamber, that will help you find the fastest time to build something in StarCraft 2. Currently this is only for the Zerg race, so Terran and Protoss players are out of luck. Also, you will need Java 1.6 installed to run the program.

Using this is relatively simple – you just input numbers next to the units or buildings you would like to make. Depending on the build order that you want, this program can take from several minutes to several hours to complete the optimization.

Below in the spoiler is the output for Lomilar’s input to make 7 Roaches as fast as possible. To read the output, you’ll need to know what these little things mean:

@: Current time
M: Minerals
G: Gas
L: Larva
S: Supply count
Unit name: Build the unit
@1fc9896: Ignore, just an address
+1: Unit is done

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You can download the program below, but you should check the official site first for a more updated version.

Evolution Chamber (4540 downloads)

Official site:

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