Posted by on September 2nd, 2010 at 11:55 am | 6,769 views

There’s a new iPhone/iPod Touch app that helps you manage your StarCraft 2 build orders. After you create your build orders, you can press play and the app will call out the build orders for you in real time as you are playing a match! Check it out in this iTunes link if you are interested.


  • I’m gonna get a promo code!

  • Starcraft2

    that nice but do we need internet to use this app

  • Phil

    This is a great app… but it’s not fantastic. It crashes everytime I want to login… there are NO strats online, No chats because of the login issue, and same thing with the VOD.

    It only has 10 strats in total for the 3 races… meh… but as a tool… it is great!