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Some commands in StarCraft have been discovered by deathknight recently. Probably the most interesting ones would be these commands below that you can enter while you are watching a replay.

Replay commands:
    /replay show kills                      Shows the number of kills.
    /replay show razings                    Shows the number of razings.
    /replay show slaughter                  Shows the slaughter leaderboard.
    /replay show resources                  Shows the resources.
    /replay show minerals                   Shows the minerals.
    /replay show gas                        Shows the gas.
    /replay show score                      Shows the total score.
    /replay show score units                Shows the units score.
    /replay show score buildings            Shows the buildings score.
    /replay show score kills                Shows the kills score.
    /replay show score razings              Shows the razings score.
    /replay show score user                 Shows the custom score.
    /replay hide                            Hides the leaderboard.

Click here to see the complete document:

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14 years ago

nice work finding it

14 years ago

WOOT good find!

14 years ago

Meow! Good work 🙂

Starcraft 2 BETA
14 years ago

wOOT thanks! i always wanted to kind out how to do those

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