Posted by on August 26th, 2009 at 9:52 am | 7,740 views

refresh starcraft

Sometimes when you create a game on StarCraft, a few people will join… but you want to wait a little bit longer for more people to play. After a while, you realize that nobody else is joining your game, so what do you do? You probably say remake, or rm, and you cancel the game that you just made so that you can create the same thing again. However, you don’t have to do that!

One way to get more people to join your game if you want a full house is to just close all the open slots, and then reopen the slots again. This is called refreshing your game.

Another way to refresh your game, is to just tell someone in your game to leave and come back. You can tell him/her to rejoin or rj. This method of refreshing is faster and better if there are a lot of empty slots and you don’t feel like opening/closing them all.

You know the game list on is always updating. It’s showing the newest games that were just created, which will keep on pushing your game to the back of the list. By refreshing your game, it will help bring your game up to the front of the list so more people will see it again, thus you’ll get more people to join.

These 2 methods of refreshing work on, and also in Local Area Network mode. Next time you are waiting for more people to join your StarCraft game, try refreshing it!