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BWChart, the amazing StarCraft replay analyzer program which I thought was dead, was actually updated 4 months ago on April 15th, 2009. Its update before this was from way back on March 16th, 2006 – more than three years ago! I recently found out about this new version from the official website and I haven’t posted about it yet, so here it is!


Version 1.04A adds support for StarCraft v1.16’s chat logs that are saved in replays. The creator, JCA, also fixed a few bugs, added smooth curves, and a new chart called “Map Coverage” which tells 2 things: 1. how much percentage of the map you have buildings on, and 2. how much percentage of the map you are moving units on. You can download BWChart v1.04A below.

BWChart (3323 downloads)

Official Website:

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