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Smk and hjkhjkhjk have released AdvLoader version 2.3 for StarCraft v1.16.1. This program has many useful plugins such as in-game APM timer, replay with text, statistics information, observer mode, and more.




  • after each BattleNet game shows last game statistics APM,EAPM (and more)
  • save BattleNet chat log



  • show APM in game and replays
  • embed in-game timer (by default disabled)
  • alarm sound if Alarm enabled and APM (after 2 min) fall below Low level APM.



  • allow to watch hotkeys any selected player in replay


  • Observer mode activates after 20 second if you have at most 1 unit(building). You can activate observer mode just in first 3 minutes.
  • shows: mineral, gas, limit, progress bulding units,structures, upgrades; content of bunker and dropships and more…
  • allow to select group of enemy units
  • shows APM of selected player if plugin APMLive activated


  • autosaver replay (autosave any game with length > 2min)
  • RWT, save in replay game messages(chat) and service commands (like /ping). Work in any version SC, that supported by AdvLoader.
  • enable\disable chat in game or in replay


  • shows statistics for players in replay or obs mode (units, buildings, UPM – units per minute, RPM – resources(minerals) per minute).
  • shows workers multikill (in replay or obs mode)


…and More!

You can check out the homepage at and download the program below!

AdvLoader (15856 downloads)