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Check out BWHF Agent, made by András Belicza!

BWHF is a…

  • …replay chart and analyzer tool for Starcraft Broodwar
  • …Starcraft Broodwar hacker finder java utility library
  • …client agent program to search for hackers and report them
  • …hacker tracking system with a central hacker database

Pros compared to other launchers and detectors:

  • This is not a 3rd party program! It does not modify Starcraft’s memory and it does not interfere with Starcraft in any way so there is absolutely no risk of getting banned by Blizzard or any server for using it.
  • Since it does not modify Starcraft’s memory, it does not add new bugs and does not cause Starcraft to crash.
  • It’s a standalone program not some kind of dll or bw plugin, so you can use it ANYWHERE (iccup, normal servers, LAN w/e) with or without any launcher. BWHF Agent is a launcher itself.
  • You can start and close it at anytime (before or after starting Starcraft, before of after logging in to, before or during a game).
  • It does not belong to a specific Starcraft version therefore it works after Starcraft updates without modification.
  • You can repeat the scan process after game, and you can scan old replays.
  • You can scan recursively entire folders of replays.
  • Does not require Starcraft or any other programs (like BWChart) to be running or even being installed.
  • It can report hackers automatically to a central hacker database.
  • It’s open source therefore the risk of being/containing a malware/adware/virus is minimized (if you always download it from its original home page).


  • Scan runs after games (it won’t tell you if someone’s hacking during the game).
  • If you enabled reporting hackers, you have to manually change gateway when you login to another gateway (or else the reports that get sent will contain incorrect gateway).

For more information, see the official page:

BWHF Agent (3795 downloads)

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