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This program will show what CD Key your Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos/The Frozen Throne is using. Useful if you have lost your CD key. To use this, open WC3 first, click Local Area Network, and open the key grabber.

W3 / W3X CDKey Grabber (16 kB, 28040 hits)Mirror Download: Megaupload

  • Leetskeeet

    Does it work for

  • SJ

    Does it really work for battlenet?

  • Eric

    It WORKS – latest patch as of 11/22/2008 – scanned with avg

  • Kaisei

    Why does the download link lead me to the post where it says I can download the entire warcraft 3 cd? I need a CDKey grabber so I can reformat my computer.

  • Sorry about that. It is fixed now!

  • t

    sest quoi Local Area Network

  • Matt

    I downloaded it and followed steps and it doesn’t show anything?

  • aero47

    it works great!!

  • maxwellish

    Are you sure it works on

  • Paok

    Guys i must have put the WC disk on the computer for that to work?… If yes, i lost my WC3 disk is there any other way to replace the cd key?

  • Paok

    =cd key replacer requires the WC disk?

  • Seppel

    Doesn´t work for me. I followed the Steps.

  • Deadzone

    It works!!..thanks!

  • aaron

    Just open the key grabber first and launch Warcraft 3. Click ‘local area connection’ and minimize the game – it should tell you the key. Works great and Thank you to whoever published this – and I don’t know about you guys but i’m heading over to my friends place to see his Key 😀

  • Flying Hippie

    Try using run as administrator. Turn on CD grabber first then frozen throne and click local area network button inside game and press window button. It will work.

  • dave

    i hav put the disk in , but it doesnt say ‘local area connection’ …. wa do i do now den?