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Blizzard Gateway Editor

This simple Blizzard Gateway Editor is made by Quixotic Yawl Studio. It allows you to add/edit/remove the servers for StarCraft, Diablo 2, and Warcraft 3.

Blizzard Gateway Editor (214 kB, 310160 hits)

  • RCfighter

    The “IP” textbox has a character limit- making it impossible to use longer domain names with this editor.

    Seriously, WHY would the person who made this put a character limit there?

  • DavidDolphin


    It says IP, not domain name. So enter the IP and not the domain. :/

    Also, anyone know of any 1.13 servers out there?


  • Deth[RP]

    When i try to connect to starcraft 1 realm U.S West it still even after this program says its working puts me in for a second and kicks me back 2 multiplayer screen how can i fix this ?

  • DaddyB

    All of the gateway’s are domains. One reason not to put a character limit is if your using dynamic dns, or domains on your lan.

  • HFIL


    Realm name: D2-3lit3
    Zone: 1


    Check it out and tell your friends!

  • xxmcguyver

    where do i findean ip that i can use with no cd key

  • BigD

    Can anyone tell me how to use the editor, please? Could be that i had to write an invented Name, Zone and IP? I’m open to suggestions. Thanks.

  • Wanderer

    Great site!
    Is there any possibility to get original Diablo2 Keys to ca play diablo2 on battlenet???
    This would be amazing!
    best wishes

  • Starting a thread on a private 1.13 modded server opening up.

  • instinct46

    I’ve been using this server, very active and friendly.

    Odin’s Realm

  • instinct46

    Also I use this battlenet editor,

    The site has images and how documentation.

  • Best D2 + Lod Private Server
    PvM Bliz like Realm and Fun Realm
    Over 700+ Members

    Name: WoB
    Zone: -5

  • Best D2 + Lod Private Server
    PvM Bliz like Realm and Fun Realm
    Over 700+ Members

    Name: WoB
    Zone: -5
    Like Reply

    everytime i try this it says cannot identify application version!! all other private realms work fine

  • Warcraft III frozen throne community NEW!
    version 1.26A
    Zone: -5
    loader :
    enter our server only from loader and remmber invite your friend our people support our community please! skype : Userofdoom1 if you are interstend of supporting us we are active almost 24hours!

  • permission sir.

  • Can I ask I have a Modified server in Warcraft how can I change it to default servers

  • how can i play this? what would i open? if i entered the NAME and the IP ADDRESS?

  • where to download BN gateway??

  • dota eb

    Server Warcraft 3 & DotA + Starcraft
    name: LP
    zone: 2

  • way the BNgateway is error?