Posted by on May 6th, 2008 at 7:10 pm | 64,592 views

This Gateway Editor, by Jailout2000, allows you to add/edit/remove servers for StarCraft. It also has color and formatting buttons for you to easily add colors/formatting to the server names. If your list of servers ever get messed up for some reason, you can use this program to restore the default servers. Gateway Editor BNGE (6396 downloads)

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15 years ago

This deleted all servers now I can’t log on. Fuck this

15 years ago

“This deleted all servers now I can’t log on. Fuck this”

haha. Such a vile response.

15 years ago

man this program fails hard. I only had all my gateways deleted and the restore doesnt work. GG

13 years ago

how fkn stupid why would u even make this stupid program anyway first off i tried your stupid battle gateway editor for a free server that just fucked me up made me think my account did not exist no more now i tried this fkn dumb program and i cant even log in great thanks alot note to yourself shut down this lame ass site u guys are FKN FAIL!

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