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Two weeks ago, there was an article written at that talks about many StarCraft players and progamers who were caught map hacking. This is because when you click enemy units during a game, the action gets saved into replays. The map hack that the players used had disabled the enemy-selection action, so when you analyze a replay, it will show that they never clicked on enemy units. This is a flaw because in a game of over 15 minutes, there is a 99% chance of a good player clicking on an enemy unit. So by having multiple replays of a player without ever clicking on an enemies’ unit is good proof that they were map hacking. This technique of finding map hackers was discovered by flag from Instructions on how to use flag’s method is in the spoiler below.

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A few days ago, GnarTheDwarf had released BWOblivionHunter. This program searches through your entire StarCraft replay folder for replays that are over 12 minutes long. After it is done searching, you will see a list of color-coded replays where there are possible hackers. Green means there’s not much chance of a hacker, yellow means there is a possibility of a hacker, and red means there definitely is a hacker. You can read the readme in the spoiler for more information and download the program below.

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BWOblivionHunter (1859 downloads)

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