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Replay With Audio (RWA) was first created back in 2003 by JCA. It allowed you to watch a replay in StarCraft while at the same time listen to someone’s recorded commentary for it. 2005 was the last time RWA got an update… until today! tec27 from has brought RWA back to life by releasing RWAPlugins for BWLauncher/Chaoslauncher. The RWAPlugins pack includes 2 plugins:

  • RWAPlayer v0.3
  • Allows you to play audio in replays modified with RWARecorder.

  • RWARecorder v0.2
  • Allows you to record and add audio commentary to replays.

Download RWAPlugins here:
RWAPlugins (1448 downloads) Extract the zip file to your BWLauncher or Chaoslauncher folder to use.

Also, here’s RWA demo for you to try out:
RWA_Ninja_Blowex.rep (1333 downloads)

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