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This is a pretty good StarCraft bot for moderating channels. It can also go on Diablo 2, Warcraft 2, and Warcraft 3. One reason that this bot is good is because it has Warden support. This means that it won’t get disconnected from’s new security system, whereas other bots will disconnect within 2 minutes. When you’re setting this bot up, enter this for the BNLS address: If the BNLS address doesn’t work, click here to see other BNLS addresses to use. For more information and commands, check the spoiler below for the readme.

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LiteChat Alpha (3958 downloads)

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15 years ago

please i need this bot access

14 years ago

i need help i am so confused i just need a stealth bot,trivia bot,and a advertising bot, will u please help me ?


13 years ago

I’ve got a services site I made. I host idle/operator, warcraft III host bots for people.

13 years ago

hey can you help me set it up! and is it a good rank bot?

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