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Do you want to play against more challenging computers in StarCraft? If so, you should try out this mod that’ll make them harder.

This mod includes many different types of AI for you to play with:
Racine 3.0 – Racine’s Insane 3.0 Ai
Raynor 2.0 – Non$ Bajadulce/Racine/M_K
Rama 1.0 – BSW_Rama’s Insane 1.0Ai
MKill – Mike Klabbers FME Ai
ZBath – How long will you live?
1.10 Ai – BWAI 2.0 Racine/Rama
1.07 Ai – BWAI 1.0 Racine/Rama
Bilzzhard – Normal Ai + A harder Campaign
Entropy – The computer will randomly run any of the above Ai’s

You can get some more information by reading the readme file.

Brood War AI Project (14814 downloads)

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