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This is a launcher that allows you to load plugins into StarCraft, similar to Chaoslauncher. It supports bwp (AdvLoader plugins) and bwl (BWLauncher plugins). The features built into AdvLoader are Zerg Mineral hack detection and Always Fastest speed in single player.

Some plugins included are:
Show your APM(Actions Per Minute) in the game.
+ high APM accuracy
+ shows APM in replays
+ compatibility with ObsMode plugin
+ alarm sound if Alarm enabled and APM (after 2 min) fall below Low level APM. (sound SIREN.wav by default, you can change)

+ save game messages in replay(chat and other messages)
So, if replay was saved with RepWithText plugin, you can watch all
text messages which were in game.
+ replay autosaver
Replay name format: RepNo_RvR_PlrName1_PlrName2.rep
+ don’t autosave replay <2 min
+ you can change autosave folder (replays\autoreplay by default)

+ shows information about built units\buildings (in replays)
In replay press key I to show statistical panels (Esc – hide them)
+ 2 new parameters
RPM – Resource Per Minute
UPM – Unit Per Minute (macro)
Both parameters are dynamic and calculated per last minute.
+ shows multikill workers (if > 5)

Observer mode activates after 20 second if you have at most 1 unit(building).
+ shows: mineral, gas, limit, progress building units,
structures, upgrades; content of bunker and dropships and more…
+ allows you to select group of enemy units
+ shows APM of selected player if plugin APMLive is activated
+ fixed Rally-point bug

Additional Battle.Net functions in channels.
+ Command /last – last replay info (APM,EAPM,MAXAPM,MINAPM).
+ F3 – search player (in channel) by fist letters.
+ F5- autosubstitution high-usage commands.
+ /savelog – Save BNet Log.
+ /cls – Clear chat window.

HotKey Selector
Allow to watch hotkeys any selected player in replays.

Plugin allow to change in game brightness, contrast and hue.

Also, some bwl plugins from MasterOfChaos are included: LatencyChanger, ChaosPlugin, and WMode.

AdvLoader (2348 downloads)

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