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If you are behind a router/gateway with another computer and you tried playing StarCraft together with other people on, you might have noticed that it was really laggy and unplayable. To fix this problem, all you have to do is change the ports for one of the computers on your network. The default port for is 6112 and it lags because it can’t handle more than one computer in that port.

So all you have to do is go to your router/gateway’s Port Forward page and set one of your computers to use a port between 6113 and 6119 (UDP, not TCP). After you forward a port for one of your computers, you need to open the Registry Editor for that computer. To do this, click Start, Run, and press enter after you type regedit. In the left side of the registry editor, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\\Configuration. Now click Edit > New DWORD Value, and name it Game Data Port. Double click that value that you’ve just created, click Decimal in the Base area, and type the port that you forwarded for your computer in ‘Value data’ (6114 for example), and press OK.

Your computers sharing the same router/gateway should now be able to play on with other people with no lag!

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15 years ago

didnt work

15 years ago

“To do this, click Start, Run, and press enter after you type regedit” how to do it on apple?

15 years ago

Wow, cool. I will try this out this weekend. THANKS!! I always wondered why it didn’t work even though I had the ports open.

Can you also do this by redirecting the traffic using your router?? So, even though both computers are running SC off of port 6112, you could tell computer 192. “.”.103 to direct traffic on port 6112 to port 6113 through your router. Then, it would send all info to on port 6113. {make sure that port 6113 is open for computer 192. “.”.103}.

This way, you could use multiple computers for lan parties and stuff, and not have to have everyone changing their registry all the time huh?? {Assuming you have a nice enough router that properly redirects traffic}. Do you think this would work??

Lemme know,

14 years ago

Wow i followed your instructions and im still unable to play starcraft with my bro in the same game you are a fucking tool go fuck yourself kid

14 years ago

I don’t know why, I did what you said, and when I go on Starcraft, it says the connection isn’t done through port 6112, so you cannot access a game..


14 years ago

CoolGuy – You’re not so cool!

Please have some respect.

In fact, this was an old post and doing just that does NOT work anymore on patch 1.16.1.

To get this to work, you need to go to this post I made on the forum:

Thanks and Good Luck with that


14 years ago

this worked for me but instead of making a new game data port i used the old one and changed it from 6113 to 6112 and works perfect thankyou

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