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If you have just installed Steam and you want to play fy_iceworld, you will get an error that says you’re missing de_vegas.wad.

Download de_vegas.wad here: de_vegas.wad (1 MB, 31005 hits)Mirror Download: Megaupload

Then put the wad file in this folder:

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\*ACCOUNTNAME*\Counter-Strike\cstrike

  • xtreme funktion

    fast server.. thank u

  • Hassan

    Thanks it works, just put in Valve/cstrike


    hey does it work as a map?

  • Borek

    Hey all.
    I’ve got the same problem on my nonsteam dedicated server. When I try to play fy_iceworld I receive that stupid error with de_vegas.wad. I downloaded the file and put it into cstrike folder but… It doeasn’t work. I got another error then “Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library”. It looks like that:
    Runtime error!

    Program C:\Program Files\Valve\hlds.exe

    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in unusual way.
    Please contact the application’s support team for more in

    Has anyone the same problem? Can anybody help me to solve this problem out?

  • Johnny

    My thing still isnt working this website suckz balzl man all of you suck on your own ballz olk you ballz sucker hahaha wannabebe succkers.

  • Yashchenko

    Thanks, works great

  • This doesn’t work even if put in cstrike folder.You are a amd boy.Hahahaha!!!!!!!!

  • This works fine. I don’t know what all you retarded kids are on about, but I managed to get my iceworld working perfectly. You’re probably all idiots and put the zip file in your cstrike folder.

  • barry

    zip file in cstrike folder LOL.
    right click on the folder and explore. (if u dont have winzip etc… )
    you will find that bsp. file and copy paste
    to the cstrike folder

  • Beist is the sniper! His AWP skills are better then markeloffs. If you dont know him, you probably will soon.

  • Thankx it workss

  • Krushnal

    this really works…very seriously

  • thannkss youu… fromm kosovo ! ;=)

  • Andy

    Thanks a LOT! It’s help me very much!!!! AAA!


    for people who it didnt work download this 1

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