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Chaoslauncher, made by MasterofChaos, is an enhancement program for StarCraft that has many plugins and good features. This current version is for StarCraft 1.15.2.

Some plugins included with Chaoslauncher are:

APMAlert v0.7, by tec27
Alerts you with a sound when your APM falls below a certain level. Press F8 ingame to toggle on/off.

Chaos-Plugin v0.8, by MasterOfChaos
Simple but useful features for starcraft
Autoreplay, Friendfollow, Chatsave, disable Win-Keys/Capslock

CPU Savior v1.2, by R1CH
Reduces CPU usage.

LatencyChanger v0.1, by MasterofChaos
Changes the latency on bnetgames which end on #LL or #L1 … #L5
#LL sets latency to 2 (like on Lan)
#L1 … #L5 sets latency to the supplied number
Only works if ALL players in the game have LatencyChanger, else you will get disconnects

ReplaySlotmaker v0.3, by qet
Allows up to 8 players to join a replay with less than 8 slots

W-Mode, by XeNotRoN
Windowed mode plugin for all versions of Original StarCraft and BroodWar

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