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Chaoslauncher, made by MasterofChaos, is an enhancement program for StarCraft that has many plugins and good features. This current version is for StarCraft 1.15.2.

Some plugins included with Chaoslauncher are:

APMAlert v0.7, by tec27
Alerts you with a sound when your APM falls below a certain level. Press F8 ingame to toggle on/off.

Chaos-Plugin v0.8, by MasterOfChaos
Simple but useful features for starcraft
Autoreplay, Friendfollow, Chatsave, disable Win-Keys/Capslock

CPU Savior v1.2, by R1CH
Reduces CPU usage.

LatencyChanger v0.1, by MasterofChaos
Changes the latency on bnetgames which end on #LL or #L1 … #L5
#LL sets latency to 2 (like on Lan)
#L1 … #L5 sets latency to the supplied number
Only works if ALL players in the game have LatencyChanger, else you will get disconnects

ReplaySlotmaker v0.3, by qet
Allows up to 8 players to join a replay with less than 8 slots

W-Mode, by XeNotRoN
Windowed mode plugin for all versions of Original StarCraft and BroodWar

Chaoslauncher (5382 downloads)

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15 years ago

can sum1 help me because whenever i download something a screen pops up and says wat program do u want to open this with

15 years ago

whenever i try getting on, it comes up with a: was unable to properly identify your application version…etc

error. I have no problem gettin on normally, so it is a problem with either chaoslauncher or w-mode, since w-mode is all i use it for. any suggestions/help?

15 years ago


15 years ago


What we have here is a ZIP file. they should open like a folder because they are Microsoft’s own file compressing formats. If your computer has Windows on it, and your trying to open these files and it’s not working… i have only 3 logical thoughts on it.

1, Your Windows copy is being stupid. Suggest re-confirming what programs open what ( theres a name for it, i can’t remember atm ) OR you can go all out and re-install of Windows after backing up files.
2, Your Computer itself is dying. Suggest buying brand new shiny computer.
or 3, I seriously doubt it, but you may have a virus. Suggest scan with anti-virus.

After you download it, you want to Extract these files ( right click on the file, hit Extract all and Follow the Wizard ) and plonk THAT folder with Everything in it into your Starcraft folder.

After doing that, you are free to explore your folder, and double click on a thing called “Chaoslauncher” this should bring up a window which is what you want.

Hope i’ve not confused you,

15 years ago

Remember folks! Go to MasterOfChaos’ Website to obtain an Uptodate Copy!!

14 years ago

This is loaded with viruses. Trojan horses and crap. do not use it.

13 years ago

1. Corban, there are no viruses on it, so shut up, i use it all the time.
2. XyCsM, try going into properties, compatibility, and check run as administrator. It fixed it for me.

13 years ago

actually it does have a trojan virus in the apmalert but everything else is ok. I scanned it with avg 2011. I tried reDLing it at different places and the same thing happened.

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