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Play Warcraft III Frozen Throne without a No-CD Crack!

First download this program called Daemon Tools:
DAEMON Tools Lite (8413 downloads)

and download the mini Frozen Throne ISO:
Mini Frozen Throne ISO (8686 downloads)

Install Daemon Tools, set 1 or more Virtual CD-ROM drives, and then Mount the Mini Frozen Throne ISO to a virtual drive that you created.

TA-DA! Now you can play The Frozen Throne with no CD in your CD-ROM drive because it is in your Virtual drive!

Note: This ISO is not a real Frozen Throne CD, thus it can’t be used to install the game. It is used to trick the game to think that the CD is in the CD-ROM drive.

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14 years ago

Actually on a vista computer you can just pop the cd in right click frozen throne click create shortcut and then drag the shortcut into the shortcut bar in the left of the start bar. they warcraft 3 will load without the disc me and my 2 friends use this trick

14 years ago

umm, thx a lot but there’s already a patch for this… so you don’t need to download all that just patch and tada no cd.

14 years ago

quite big size for the cd… it’s easier to just get the full image and load it with daemon tools for example, so you can share this on an usb-stick or an external hdd with lots of other stuff and don’t need the real cd also

but i would prefer a combination of the no-cd and just an iso 😉

iSeek Nirvana
12 years ago

Can anyone send me the link to this patch where the CD isn’t required?

iSeek Nirvana
12 years ago

Actually, It says Warcraft III.mds is corrupted can anyone give me a pure one?

12 years ago

how do i get warcraft 3 cd keys for free i mean wc3 (the frozen Throne)

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