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I made this mod, based on the Altered StarCraft UMS map. You and your friends can play together on any melee map if you all use the same mod.


* Zerg – All stats are x2.
* Terran – All units and buildings take 1 second to make, upgrades are instant.
* Protoss – All units and buildings cost x5 less.
* Can play on with other people using the same mod!

Version History:

v1.1b (3/30/2007)
* Fixed crash bug when building a Terran Valkyrie (Thanks to power_1)

v1.1 (7/2/2006)
* Units and buildings costs are updated.
* Terran buildings no longer burn when finished building.
* Protoss units no longer have upgrades without upgrading.

v1 (6/6/2004)
* Initial release

Altered StarCraft Mod (3910 downloads)