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The StarCraft X-tra Editor (SCXE) is a set of StarEdit-Mods. These mods are made to make map making easier for newbies and give StarEdit more options. Each of the 5 modes is a different mod of StarEdit and has some special things. Please note that if you want to make special map projects you’ll need to use the modes in the right way. If you go back to another mode and open your map you might get errors and have to do some steps again.

Version 2.6 is newer, but some people prefer version 2.5. So, both versions are available here for you to choose the one you want to use.

StarCraft X-tra Editor (5 MB, 7229 hits) StarCraft X-tra Editor (5 MB, 8529 hits)

  • hi

    no viruses :)

  • Super Uber Newb

    how come when i try out the new map i have all the units and heros i put in disappear and only a command center and scv come up?

  • @Super Uber Newb: You have to set the game mode to Use Map Settings.

  • hi

    L337 H4X!!!!!

  • Wehttam664

    Why won’t it open?

  • Is Raszagal a placeable unit?

  • HF

    It cant open because storm ddl was not found. How can i fix it?!

  • Luke Reynolds

    hey, when i save a map to the broodwar folder, it doesnt show up on my list of maps when i go to play it. i checked the map, its compatibl for brood war, i dont know what the problem is. please help