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If you want to play against bots in Counter-Strike 1.6, you should get Zbot! Zbot is good because you don’t have to go online to look for waypoints to download. It will analyze the maps when you play and create the waypoint file if there isn’t any!

How to install Zbot
1. Download Zbot:
Zbot (9 MB, 47143 hits)
2. Extract to:
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\*ACCOUNTNAME*\Counter-Strike
3. Log in to Steam and launch Counter-Strike.
4. Click New Game and start playing against bots!

Zbot commands
bot_add = adds a bot
bot_add_t = adds a bot to the terrorist team
bot_add_ct = adds a bot to the counter-terrorist team
bot_kill = kills bots so a new round will start
bot_kick = kicks bots

Those are the basic commands. Read zbot_command.txt for the other commands.

If you want to use Metamod with Zbot, you need to make liblist.gam have the Metamod line. Then you need to make a shortcut to steam.exe. Right click that shortcut and look at the Target section… you will see this:
“C:\Program Files\Steam\steam.exe”

Add the bolded part to the end like this:
“C:\Program Files\Steam\steam.exe” -applaunch 10 +localinfo mm_gamedll dlls/zbotcz.dll

Now you can use Zbot with Metamod!

  • Lorenzo

    What is Metamod?

  • Lorenzo’s Reply

    Metamod is a failsafe program for AMX Mod X for Counter-Strike.

  • Booshop

    This was exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

  • HaCkk3r

    Tnx i was looking for it !

  • nesh

    i tried bot when i add bots it dosn’t work =O



  • SSS

    cheap!doesn’ work

  • some1

    When I start “New Game” it start analysing… then its done analysing, it restarts the game. BUT then it start analysing again. I’ve tryed to give it some time (30 min) it still diden’t stop analysing… Help Please

  • nima

    i have same probloem. help please

  • Jocke

    in the c://program/steam/steamapps/”account name”/cstrike add a map called Maps

  • Meedi

    eyy i have a problemm i can`t find him he isn`t the c ://program/steam/steamapps/”account name”/cstrike i have just the c://program/steam/ can u help mee??

  • deniz

    i have a problem too. there was a bot program. when you press “h” , there was a “matar BOTs” . sorry i cant speak english.

  • adsad

    u all need steam id wen u install ur steam games it gets installed in ur account name ..
    and if u all wnt to use for non steam den just extract all files in ctsrike folder .

  • daumis

    you all almost all haw the analyzing problem but it is to me two you haw to play that maps that are analyazed becouse it is not fully working i hawe bots with fully working analyzing and other cool stuf like bot thinking (that means that they shot when they see) almost realistic action but i cant add becouse my friend wont let :)

  • Eazy

    They won’t move!!! sure they shoot if they se me, but they won’t go to the bombsites or anything!!! i’ve tried bot_stop 0 and bot_zombie 0 but tey won’t work!

  • Cyclone

    nice.. long time i looking for this. :)

  • thats me

    havent downloaded it yet probablay wont

  • happy

    i can’t launch counter strike after i put in the ZBOt. Need Help?

  • lvl

    i have got cs 1.6, but when i start play new game in game i am alone… there no terrorist tems or my team i one. and there no terrorists:(

    mybe i need bots? or something? to play with team and vs. someone terrrorist?
    i dont now, but help me. i want playing the cs with terrorist, because who then i shooting? :(

  • villerdex

    1st prob. i cant open my console.. i know that u just press the key under the esc. but it doesn’t work

    2nd what is steam ?? where i can find it?? do i need to download it?? whats the purpose?

    3rd the bots!!

    plss help