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This is a huge collection of UMS maps for StarCraft! There are about 930 maps, all sorted and organized nicely into folders by Locked from Check the spoiler below to read the readme.txt.

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Locked's Wonderful World of UMS Map Pack (57 MB, 11558 hits)

  • Wow, there was 400 downloads and no one told me the file didn’t work until today. Thanks Oleg.

  • Need Maps

    hey can u fix those i need to download them bounds and dodging

  • fixed!

  • leo

    good job!

  • blackdeath1523

    i think the UMS pack v0.9 is bugged again… im able to download it fast because its not really downloading anything. File Size: kb. Fix it please i really need to download buyers sellers map that nobody ever plays anymore 😀

  • blackdeath1523

    0KB i mean srry

  • Kdawg

    Doesnt Work

  • UMS pack not working, pls have it working again 😉

  • blackdeath1523

    i wonder if hes even paying attention to the comments. lol

  • Of course I am paying attention to the comments. If you tried downloading the map pack now, you’ll see that it is working.

  • lolknoob

    Yea… how do you extract this shit… k thx bai

  • blackdeath1523

    thx a bunch 😀 but just 4 future reference, maybe u should make downloading server thing a little faster.

  • blackdeath1523

    ok i have everything extracted but theres just 1 little problem… NO ONE IS ABLE DL THE MAP FROM HOST PLAYER PERSON. so i cant play it till u respawn n like a month or 2. (yes i no im not patient :P)

  • defiler087

    What the hell is “.7Z” I have no program to open and have never encountered this extension. I can’t use the maps until I can open this file. If anyone could shed some light on how the hell to break into the fire-proof safe of a map file I would greatly appreciate it.

  • A .7z is an archived file like .zip or .rar. There are many programs you can use to extract the files: WinRAR,,, etc.

  • blackdeath1523

    yea, try winrar it works 😀

  • blackdeath1523

    fix my problem please? ive been waitin over two months…

  • this is a very good pack. thanks for the hard work

  • Henry

    IZArc works too. visit for the latest versions of many different kinds of software. I downloaded 7-zip myself.

  • CotyX

    Awesome! Thanks for putting them all in a pack… Downloading them 1 by 1 is a pain! I love those maps. Thanks again.