Here’s a Warcraft 3 CD-Key that you might be able to use to play online via If it doesn’t work, just refresh this page to get a different one.

To download a Warcraft 3 CD-Key changer, click here.

Enjoy! :)


  • HoboDogger

    Works with installation, but disabled when going to

  • Osmar Junior

    If somone has a key, pls send me to

  • Battlekeksus

    i need a key too, pls

  • Sonic EXE

    Anyone got a key?

  • Jacob Chaves Su

    i think he means the online, it says its disabled when i try to join battle net

  • Nikolai Dinev

    Anyone can give me RoC + TFT key i would be grateful.

  • Broderick Smith

    Yup. 2019.

  • Muhammad Prima Andika Putra

    2019 and even worked, thanks!

  • Melissa Lane
  • Гена Любич

    Hey, I’m on this site 24 / 7 trying to fond a CD key, I lost my old one. Could someone email me a new one? Thank you.

  • disqus_DxeZYFjXTi

    Hello pls cam someone send me TFT code with battle net please ?
    email :


    this one worked for me tho…and thank you…now AOE III

  • Tau Ren

    can anyone send me a ROC key that works for battlenet pls? send on

  • Noblice

    Need a wc3 TFT cd ket

  • Anıl

    Not expecting much but I would be happy if a gentle soul would send me a cd key >>

  • Adamex

    Need WC3 TFT key, thanks a lot, i love this game,

  • Giuseppe Passeri

    man this works VERY VERY WELL! thanks!

  • Richard James

    Can anyone send me a key please.

  • Sorcerer

    if u can send me a battle net cd key , my country under sanctions and I can’t buy reign of chaos,
    if possible send me battle net RoC cd key
    here is my gmail

  • tylkodobretematy

    yo send me cd key BYTE 😉