Note: As of patch v1.18, StarCraft: Brood War is completely FREE, and can be downloaded here:

PC –

Mac –

If you still need a StarCraft CD-key, check below for one that you might be able to use to play online via If it doesn’t work, just refresh this page to get a different one.

Need to change your StarCraft CD-key? Get StarCraft CD-Key changer.

Enjoy! :)


  • hello. Can you give me 1 key starcraft 2. thank all

  • Vince Aquino

    I need a 26 cd key plz

  • Aric

    Can someone give me a cd key please!!!!!! for starcraft 2 PLEASE I REALLY WANT TO PLAY msg me at

  • Peter Chang

    can someone please email me starcraft 2 key? my email is i will send you a a thank you donate

  • Guest

    someone email me starcraft 2 game key (working) my email is and first person gets 15$ itunes card

  • Peter Chang

    someone email me starcraft 2 game key (working) my email is and first person gets 15$ itunes card

  • BetterThanGilliganNinja

    Anyone who starts a sentence with “Hi Folks!” and ends it with “Have Fun!! =)” is clearly up to no good.

  • Sarfraz

    I would really appreciate a Starcraft 2 Key,if anyone has any spares or anything I can use.I’ve been dying to play the campaign the story is amazing. thank you so much in advance if you do.

  • HackerPro

    please send me Starcraft 2 cd key!

  • HackerPro

    please send me Starcraft 2 CD key!

  • Pop Mircea

    I need a working CD KEY for broodwar 13 char long not muted

  • Gino Dominic DeSantis

    Works great still. Thank you!

  • Jay-ken Sarcilla

    guys i need a codee plssss

  • A Garrett Sollenberger

    nothing works works

  • A Garrett Sollenberger

    help me

  • Natalie Mii

    this doesnt work anymore someone help pls :<<<<

  • DylanMoer

    i have tried all night and all m codes have been used already what do i do??

  • DylanMoer

    i have refreshed and tried codes for hours and all of them are taken/ used!! what do i do?

  • Jakub Chrul

    omg none cd key does not work. I checked 14 cd keys.

  • Stevo8800 .

    Looks like we’re sharing cd keys lol