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The Public Test Region has been out for about a week now, and I guess Blizzard has decided to undo a few things they’ve changed, such as the fungal growth and bunker build time changes. Other than those small undoes, this patch includes a bunch of bug fixes. The full patch note is below:

Several changes have been made to the PTR:
• Sound effects will no longer pop or cut off if buildings are rapidly selected.
• Fixed a display issue so the number of harvesters on a Vespene Geyser node will now increment correctly for all occasions.
• Using ALT-F4 during the opening cinematic will no longer crash the game.
• Fixed an issue where the auto-detection system was defaulting graphics to a lower resolution than recommended.
• Fixed a frequent Out of Memory crash for 32-bit OS systems on the PTR.
• Fixed a case where public chat channels wouldn’t show up on the list.
• Added a drop-down selector to switch channel instances.
• Chat channel throttles have been adjusted to allow for a more natural chatting experience.
• Bunker build time has been reverted to the original 35 seconds.
• Fungal Growth has been reverted to the previous functionality and can once again target air units.
• Holding down a key will once again issue multiple orders.

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