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Check out the BananaCraft movie! It’s a StarCraft video for the Banana Phone song!


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How many of you guys had lost your StarCraft CD key before, but had the game installed on your computer and wanted to get the key back? Well, guess what? Now there is CDKeyBuddy for StarCraft v1.16.1! Use this tool to help grab your CD key out! Just open StarCraft, run this little program, and out pops a window with your CD key!

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CDKeyBuddy (6038 downloads)

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Listen to this awesome StarCraft song! It’s a parody of Tik Tok by Ke$ha.

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The long awaited release of StealthBot v2.7 is finally here! There is no list of new features posted anywhere, but a couple that I saw was the StealthBot Launcher that lets you load many StealthBots with different profiles, and the automatic BNLS server finder. Try out this bot for moderating your StarCraft/Diablo/Warcraft channels and post back here to tell us how you liked it.

StealthBot (3392 downloads) Source:

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Tandem StarCraft

Tandem StarCraft is a new 4 player map, made by Chef from, inspired by the game of Tandem Chess. In this map, there will be two separate 1vs1 melee games played. On the left side is player 1 vs player 3, and on the right side is player 2 vs player 4. Now here’s where the fun part is: when you kill one of your enemy’s units, your ally on the other side of the map will gain that unit to use! This goes the same for your enemy too; if your enemy kills your unit, the unit will get converted to his ally’s side. The game ends when one player of a team dies.

Tandem StarCraft (2793 downloads)


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Micro Practice BW

This is a fun map where you can practice micro and macro with a partner. Observers can also join to watch. Just pick your units at the top left corner, and they will pop up in the middle for you to use. Basically, anything you want to try out, can be done in this map!

Micro Practice BW (2683 downloads)

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Some commands in StarCraft have been discovered by deathknight recently. Probably the most interesting ones would be these commands below that you can enter while you are watching a replay.

Replay commands:
    /replay show kills                      Shows the number of kills.
    /replay show razings                    Shows the number of razings.
    /replay show slaughter                  Shows the slaughter leaderboard.
    /replay show resources                  Shows the resources.
    /replay show minerals                   Shows the minerals.
    /replay show gas                        Shows the gas.
    /replay show score                      Shows the total score.
    /replay show score units                Shows the units score.
    /replay show score buildings            Shows the buildings score.
    /replay show score kills                Shows the kills score.
    /replay show score razings              Shows the razings score.
    /replay show score user                 Shows the custom score.
    /replay hide                            Hides the leaderboard.

Click here to see the complete document:

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A new version of BWChart was released yesterday with a minor update. The program now has a checkbox for showing the in-game chat saved in the replays. Remember though, only replays since StarCraft patch v1.16.0 have saved chats.

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BWChart (2631 downloads) Official Website:

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I’ve just came across an interesting 2 player shoot-em-up arcade game called Mission Craft. According to arcade-history, this game’s sprites, animations, sound effects, and background music are all taken from Blizzard’s StarCraft Brood War and Warcraft II. Take a look at the game play video below.

If you want to try out this game for yourself, you will need: the Latest MAME and the Mission Craft (version 2.4) Rom


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refresh starcraft

Sometimes when you create a game on StarCraft, a few people will join… but you want to wait a little bit longer for more people to play. After a while, you realize that nobody else is joining your game, so what do you do? You probably say remake, or rm, and you cancel the game that you just made so that you can create the same thing again. However, you don’t have to do that!

One way to get more people to join your game if you want a full house is to just close all the open slots, and then reopen the slots again. This is called refreshing your game.

Another way to refresh your game, is to just tell someone in your game to leave and come back. You can tell him/her to rejoin or rj. This method of refreshing is faster and better if there are a lot of empty slots and you don’t feel like opening/closing them all.

You know the game list on is always updating. It’s showing the newest games that were just created, which will keep on pushing your game to the back of the list. By refreshing your game, it will help bring your game up to the front of the list so more people will see it again, thus you’ll get more people to join.

These 2 methods of refreshing work on, and also in Local Area Network mode. Next time you are waiting for more people to join your StarCraft game, try refreshing it!